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Angelique and the king

Original title: Angelique et le Roi

That film is based on the very popular book written by Anne and Serge Golon. The role of Angelique is played by Michèle Mercier and that was the most famouse role she ever played.
Anne and Serge Golon wrote more books about Angelique and her adventures, so there are also more films on her, but in "Angelique and the king" Louis XIV has longer presence on the screen, so I would like to present only that film here on my site.

The story line is most fiction than truth, but Anne and Serge Golon tried not only to write a book that would have interesting story, but they tried also to reproduce the 17th century.
That reproduction is much more successful in the books than in the films on Angelique, but it is still acceptable.

Michèle Mercier as Angélique
Jacques Toja as Ludwig XIV
Robert Hossein as Joffrey de Peyrac
Sami Frey as Bachtiary-Bey
Jean Rochefort as Desgrez


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