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Philippe d'Orleans, Louis' brother

born: Sept. 21, 1640 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye;
died: June 9, 1701 in Saint-Cloud

Philippe I de France duc d'Orléans

young Philippe
young Philippe
Louis XIV, Anne of Austria, Philippe
Louis XIV, Anne of Austria, Philippe
Philippe (just born) with Louis XIII, Anne of Austria, Louis XIV on his side
Philippe (just born) with Louis XIII, Anne of Austria, Louis XIV on his side

he was also called DUC D'ANJOU (until 1660), byname MONSIEUR, first of the last Bourbon dynasty of dukes of Orléans; he was the younger brother of King Louis XIV, who prevented him from exercising political influence but tolerated him as an overtly respected and covertly despised figure at court.

The son of King Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, Philippe was titled duc d'Anjou until he succeeded his uncle Gaston de France as duc d'Orléans in 1660. Orléans married (March 1661) his cousin Henrietta, sister of King Charles II of England, but he soon avoided her and became involved in a succession of homosexual relationships. Henrietta died suddenly and in circumstances that caused scandal in 1670. In the following year Orléans was married to Elizabeth Charlotte, daughter of the Elector Palatine.

Louis XIV, Anne of Austria, Philippe

Henriette of England (his first wife) holding portrait of Philippe

Orléans proved to be a courageous soldier. He distinguished himself fighting in the Spanish Netherlands in the War of Devolution (1667-68), and during the Dutch War (1672-78) he won an important victory over William of Orange at Cassel (April 11, 1677). Allegedly jealous of his brother's military success, Louis gave him no further commands. Two of Orléans's daughters by his first marriage became queens. Philippe, his son by his second marriage, inherited the dukedom of Orléans and served as regent for young King Louis XV from 1715 to 1723.



Louis and Philippe



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